Started From the Bottom Now We —

Hello. I guess this is the awkward first post. We all start somewhere … Right? (Sometimes I question if certain things, in particular creative things, are worth starting at all if you must go through the trials and tribulations and the embarrassment that is creating for the first time. Before your routine is established, there is so much room for error, that you may even adopt that error into your routine. And then you just wasted your time, trying your best to create something that goes from being embarrassing to pathetic.)

This post is supposed to be to outline my intentions going into this “blog,” and the thought that I’m starting a blog sounds about ten years too late. Also, I’d just like to say, very clearly, that not all of my titles will be Drake lyrics. (I said not all, meaning: many will be Drake lyrics. I feel the same as you do about this.)

But this feels like something necessary, a need in my life. This summer has been one of the first in my entire life in which I feel incredibly free, lifted of all weight previous summers held — Test prep to be avoided, friendships to maintain, a pressure to prep for the next year. See, now I am at the point of complete freedom. I work two 9–5s in New York City, commuting over an hour both ways from Jersey, where I grew up and where my parents still live. I attend NYU, I’m studying NYU’s version of communications, which has a long and fancy yet meaningless name. I lived in New York last year, my first year at NYU, and I’m spending the next semester abroad in Florence, Italy. My first time out of the country.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Back. To. The. Purpose. (I am a sidetracked, sporadic, and just generally undetermined writer, perhaps this is why I am currently not with a publication. But more on that later.

I have a lot of thoughts. It’s what makes me an anxious person, but it’s also what all … most writers have in common. If there’s nothing to say, no distinct and “developed” voice, not only are you probably a shitty writer, but most likely a boring person. (I’ll give it that my voice is distinct, developed is certainly arguable, and I’m looking forward to hearing destructive comments so get your troll fingers ready!)

These thoughts are not personal, although I hope to be able to make this one of those blogs that paints the picture of a person. My favorite thing about media is that it allows us to relate and connect to people around us, whether we know them personally or not, and I believe making personal and true content will do just that. I have little to no guards up, I am truly an open book.

I have been collecting what I call “Notes” for about the past year, since I started college. It became a way for me to catalog my opinions, spark creativity, and capture moments. For example, I recently snuck out of meditation session to jot down one of the songs that resonated with me. I hope to put it in my radio show. (More on that later.)

A section of these Notes is completely dedicated to ideas I want to explore through writing, aptly called “Writing Ideas.” Here is where I hope to explore them, flesh them out. This will not only push me to write, which in turn will allow me to be a better writer, but I hope to create community, discussion. Of course, all thoughts are my own. Feel free, (you will with and without my blessing), to disagree and voice your opinion too. Keep it calm, though, waste your anger on the Keurig. Choose your battles wisely.

So now that I’ve banged out this post, which will hopefully be the least read, I hope you feel like you have a better understanding of the landscape of my mind, of my writing. There are things I will say here I know will peel back a bit too much about myself and attaching my name to something has a lot of attachments, but I am doing this because I know I have something to say. I hope you hear it.