We might Love our Jobs but does the Organisation Love us?????????

I have worked at three places in the last eleven years. Hence, resigned from three places, spending an average of three and a half years each.

Working with all the three organisations was an amazing experience. I was blessed enough to have amazing bosses and wonderful colleagues to work with. A few colleagues remain friends till date.

Each resignation submitted was accompanied with excitement; for the upcoming new opportunities in life and, a feeling of slight regret about missing the familiar faces and surroundings. Every farewell was eloquent of friendships retained and warm wishes for the future. After all, I had spent quite a few years contributing my best efforts and skills to each organisation.

However, each time that I left the office for the last time, a feeling of unease always remained. No matter how long the association and how trusted the assignments executed, the moment I entered the office as an ex employee, a lot of trepidation and skepticism faced me. Returning back to simply say “hello” or even to complete some formalities has always been an awkward encounter.

Was this hostile behaviour not contradictory, to the pleasant memories that I had of the workplace and all the trusted interactions that had happened in the past few years? Were the feelings of loyalty and nostalgia inspired only in the employees and not the employers?

Is an employee wrong in moving on to a better opportunity or different circumstances leading to a new workplace??I believe a warm “hello again”, would go a long way in all employees having pleasant lingering memories and a positive recommendation of their last workplace!!!

Is that too much to expect from a place that we spend most of our waking hours in??

Have you ever experienced the same…….

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