Money Talks

Silicon Valley’s lost its dorks, it’s barrels of pork

neural networks full of process forks

VCs do not make babies, they are no storks

Don’t care if it’s new, all we need is revenue

We’re not like LA, they say, but it’s all the same

blinded by money, stock-options and fame.

Yes but it’s different, even though we’re affluent

I say there’s no place for the effervescent.

San Francisco’s no longer the place for disco

there you sign deals, real-estate and cheap thrills

Artists, move out! Time for profits and benefits

a long foreseen retrofit, no one will throw a fit.

Humanity, out of the picture. Equality? A sin!

Who cares, the Sharks, Giants and Niners win

Best place to live, customers if you’re a shrink

Keep it under the radar, who will make a stink?

We all, bow down to the altar of the IPO

While watching our diversity and peace, they go.

Click factories, content farms telling you what to do

have replaced innovation, but it’s nothing new…

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