Image Credit: Shirral

Year one

Like the dunes of the Sahara, ups and downs

beautiful, yet murderous and anhydrous.

Meals of lasagna, and veggie couscous.

Returns and dividends of laughs and frowns.

It started surrounded by bumpkin clowns

socked in by a fog oh so mysterious

a congruence of arguments, not all frivolous

punctuated by visits to new and far away towns.

Another quarter, a resurrection and kinky pat down.

Helped by a friendly slinky, the target of mischievous

I took solace in friendly, then amorous rendez-vous

Summer came, my lady was for once wearing a gown.

Recently discovered a new implant. It was devious!

In spite of its volatility, it seemed it’d found a tie down…

The danger was too great, impossible to back down.

Time was of the essence, now to get serious!

In a hail Mary, with a touch of genius

a duel was arranged, weapons drawn?

— Cocktails, polished with a tequila sundown

Let’s hope the final blend will be homogenous.