Women’s Rights vs the Rights of Women

This past year the states of California and New York passed laws requiring professional sports teams with team cheerleaders, to ensure that the cheerleaders are paid a fair wage and have their reasonable expenses covered by the team, as formal employees.

These laws which are now also being considered by 17 states in which professional sports teams have cheerleaders, was in reaction to the numerous lawsuits filed by the cheerleaders in state, local and eventually federal courts. It is the court cases, specifically lawsuits the cheerleaders have been winning, that has led to the laws in each state being put in place to ensure that cheerleaders are treated and paid fairly, as employees of the sports teams that effectively employ them as a necessary part and critical marketing ingredient of the entertainment product they produce.

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Let me remind you, that this is cheerleading. For professional sports. The simple and seemingly meaningless act of highly branded fan encouragement, and the generation of team spirit, loyalty and enthusiasm through choreographed dances, team cheers and admittedly the assorted sexual innuendo that goes hand in hand with a most definitely debauched West.

Or, the most ridiculous thing an average Iranian woman (or man for that matter) in Iran could ever consider as a cause worth fighting for. Publicly. In court. Yet, consider that Iranians and specifically Iranian women in Iran have less rights than the average NFL or NBA team cheerleader does.

No, seriously. Do the math.

While American cheerleaders are not only allowed to enter the stadiums and cheer on their favorite teams in the skimpiest outfits that would make an ISIS thing spontaneously combust, they are now guaranteed to be paid fair wages do it. Iranian (or ISIS) women cannot even pay to attend important international games, even to quietly sit in the specially cordoned off bad view angle segregated women’s section (that ironically forces male ogling by converging the gaze to one area of the seats).

To repeat, even if they are willing to pay out of their own pockets for the simple pleasure of sitting and watching a game of sport in which men play, Iranian women are not allowed into the stadiums. No. Today. No, Seriously. Deh! No, not 100 years ago. Right now!

Ignore for a minute the fact that the only unofficial cheerleading done in an Iranian stadium is the same boring chants and mildly amusing dated slogans, nothing but the regurgitation and a mildly current variation by the new equally hairy descendants of the famed “Mammad Booghi”, and maybe you can begin to object to at least this one, of many of Iran’s ongoing felony crimes and misdemeanors and the great sin of international institutionalized misogyny.

There is hope however, and like dogs kept outside the house on the dirt filled street, an occasional scrap is tossed to them, over the wall, onto the dirt filled street. The scrap now being tossed to Iranian women, is that they are allowed to attend all-women sporting events. Presumably until the predictable rumors fly in next. Apparently Mollahs don’t yet know about the traditional prominence of Lesbian women in all-female sports.

Not that there is anything at all wrong with that. Except that there is. Especially there is in today’s Iran. Heterosexuality is the most firmly and formally prescribed orientation. Any deviation from this set path is immediately addressed with polite but strict corrective measures. Occasionally but all too often, surgical measures. And no, you cannot imagine any measures that are not employed. Like many other areas that Iran leads the world in, Iran is number 1 in sexual orientation corrective procedures, technology, treatment, and therapies. All sorts of therapies. Any therapy. Especially the Mengele kind.

So, while professional sports team cheerleaders in the US, using their rights as free individuals and free women, using the merest power of the Law, to move past yet another seemingly minor misogynistic hurdle someone forgot to remove from their ongoing progress, Iranian women face the usual typical immense immovable Wall of Misogyny that prohibits them from merely spectating as patriotic, nation loving, sports fans.

Apparently in Iran, if you are a woman (or a Lesbian), you cannot even love your country without getting permission from some religion proposing man first. And if you happen to be a woman, a fan or an athlete, (or a Lesbian), well, God help you. But he probably won’t. Because he actually can’t. After the last time, the Mollahs in Iran never let him do anything fun like that anymore.

Now, as the final act of reading this opinion, do me one last favor and Google-Images the following search: “Iran Fans”.

At least that is one victory for Iranian women that no man, no Mollah, or even God himself can take away. Not that he would, if they let him.

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