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Some people born to have problem with expressing feelings. Some because they have experiencing hard moment by it, some because they just don’t know how to do it.

Instead of learn how to say the feelings out loud, I figured it out it is good to write down every feelings that I experienced by myself. There was some book I read and it said “some feelings don’t have to be said, write it down.”. So I do it. Every single time I feel disappointed, sad, or even happiness, I express it through writing. Instead of write the detail, I write it figuratively.

So, here are some things that I have learned from writing my feelings down.

1. I accept things easily

I know, some things are hard to accept. And sometimes life gives you so many reasons to accept it. By writing my feelings down, it helps me to accept things easily. Some things matter so massive, but when I write it down, at certain point, I know it is not necessary to feel that way. So, by writing my feelings down, it helps me accept things to go that way without permission, and without preparation.

2. I understand things easily

Some things are just happen. We probably have no idea what is going on. Things just happen. By writing my feelings down, it helps me to understand things easily. When I experienced something and trying to write it down, I have no other way instead of understanding it first before putting it into words, right? So, when I experiencing something, I have to understand what is going on before I arrange those words to make either thoughts or poems. But, at certain point, there are some things that cannot be understood logically. When I experienced it and I cannot understand it, I accept it, as a process of life.

3. I become more honest to myself

You can name people who life in a denial world. They are trying to be someone else in order to ignore themselves or their feelings. When I write my feelings down, I become more honest to myself. Different with sharing to others, sometimes you want to share but not everything. By writing my feelings down, I know it addressed it to myself and no one could every understand by using certain words or ways in order to expressing things without being understood by others.

4. I understand how I waste my time

There will be some time when you can’t stop thinking about something that bothering you. Those things are toxic. They take away your life, your productive days and your happiness. By writing my feelings down, I know such things is not worth it. They are not worth any of my times, my space or even my anger. By writing my feelings down, I left them in the paper within some words.

5. I always have back up plans

When I experiencing things, at some point, I learn how to deal with it and how to make back up plans in order to work things out. I know when things are going to be worse and I will always have back up plans because when I am writing my feelings down, I need to think.

6. I know how far I am

By reading my old journal, I know how far I am going before then. I know how I was and I know how I am know. Sometimes, I throw aways those paper of feelings that I don’t want to remember, but the rest, I keep as a secret of process.

7. I am more grateful

When I am writing down my feelings, I feel more grateful than before. There were bad things happened, but when I write it down, I am grateful that I don’t experiencing things even more. I might have a bad day, but I know there are lots of people who are experiencing things even worst than me. When I writing things down, I know how little it affects me.

8. I love people even more

I am not only writing bad memories, I also keep the good ones. When reading the old journal, I love people even more. I might dislike certain people at this time, but those journal remain me how good they were back then. Sometimes, I forget how good people is, but, when reading the old writing of mine, I can tell how I love people and how I am grateful for it.

I know expressing feelings is not easy. So, writing it down will be so much helpful!

Image: pexels.com

Originally published at nschy.com on June 28, 2017.