How and Why I Use OmniFocus to Manage My Life
Nathan Snelgrove

Things 3 has been giving me so many headaches that I’ve been wanting to come back to OmniFocus. I actually have a track record of productivity apps similar to yours. Lately Basecamp is what stuck the most. But there’s always that voice telling me I miss OF.

This might just be the post that brings me back! It’s funny you mention you don’t use contexts. I had quite a few, but they always felt like a burden. I also used that workflow of writing things down on paper, mainly because OF doesn’t let you order to-dos. Two questions though:

  • I noticed that you also have a perspective for Next. Do you organize it like Doing?
  • You say “but I start working through “Today” every time I finish in my Forecast”. Do you use Forecast for your due dates? Or do you have a perspective where they pop up?
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