Lasers and Helicopters?

Fox news shared a story about people shooting lasers at helicopters. Fox news is making it seem like the two news helicopters were more important than the three airline planes that were hit. The spokesman told the audience off the bat that two news helicopters were hit in New York, he went into detail about how they helped to catch the people doing this crime then briefly mentioned about the airline planes. Also, in their headline they stated new helicopter first, “News helicopters, planes hit by lasers in two cities”. They do not interview anyone; only used videos of how this could of happened and a short clip of the planes at the airport. In the end, with the spokesman’s facial expression and tone of voice made in seem like they do not care about the story they are broadcasting.

On the other hand, CNN news broadcasted the same story. From the very beginning the spokeswoman has the power of making someone feel like this is important. Instead of talking about the aircrafts, they jumped into talking about what the FBI and police are doing to catch the people responsible for this. Even in the headline, they were neutral about it only stating what was going on and not making it seem if it is all about the news, “Planes and helicopters involved in laser attacks”. They have evindence from when this is happening from the news helicopters which inclulded the pilot talking about this current sitution. CNN provided a few facts about how often these kinds of crimes happen. Overall, the spokeswoman was specking with symphany and complimenting the pilot if he made a smart choice, which most likely will expand their viewers.

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