Live In Levi’s

The jeans brand Levi’s wants to create an imagine which anything is possible, yet keeping it simple. Knowing the company has a mass target that this ad is going to be shown to, it would be created with a message that is universal.

The first thing most eyes would notice is the saying they used, “ Fall head over heels.” Arranging to say this, is not anything specific but it leads one direct result; your desire for happiness. Also, this saying usually ties into falling in love with someone and enjoying yourself because of that. The reason why the designers of this ad used this specific saying happens to be because it taps into your own emotions, in hopes that emotions would override logic even if it may be a bit more expensive.

In painting a picture colors are quite important, well also in making an ad, hence why the designers of this ad picked the color contrast. The dark background makes the main focal point pop and makes the audience realize what this ad is all about. Also, it makes it seems like if you were Levi’s jeans the night life more exciting and love life more interesting. Noticing a bit more, a good choice they made by putting the logo on the lighter side on the ad by the focus.

No matter where someone looks on this ad, they can think it looks real because it whatever is happening in the ad can happen in real life. This is one way people would be more tempted to buy Levi’s jeans since they can connect to them. Never less, everyone wants to look good in every moment of their life because if you fell look good then you fell good.