Nate Maher, not Ben Maher

In class today one of my best friends, Nate Maher, and I grouped up together for an assignment to get to know each other better and write about it. Though this assignment’s goal was to get to know someone better, I got something completely different out of it. What my partner did not realize was that I had been having a rough day and was really stressed out. The hilarious and sarcastic comments we made back and forth to each other though made me laugh and cheered me up though. Things like, “Take 4 minutes, to tell your partner your life story in as much det-”, “Alright, we’re not gonna do 4 minutes, we don’t have the time for it. So uh…I was born. Uh…two and a half minutes later another me came out. Uh, that was my twin! Uh…let’s see…went home, cried for several years. Uh…let’s see, grew up and was loud, and annoying, until age…8th grade. Then I was like wait, I’m loud and annoying. So I changed that in high school so uh…I guess I’m cool?”. The funny tone of the conversation quickly lifted my spirits and without knowing it, Nate was a great friend to me. So what I learned from this assignment was not more about my partner, but that when you’re friends with someone, you just know what you have to do to be a great friend naturally.