A not-for-profit, not possible without youth

FROM LEFT: Luke Vincent, Michelle McPherson and Science Atlantic executive director Lois Whitehead.

“What the students and grads are contributing here is what makes the organization work,” says Lois Whitehead, the Executive Director of Science Atlantic. “Hiring youth that have a skillset from being fresh in school, and knowing that they are keen and want to learn, is so valuable to us.”

“Originally, I had two jobs mashed into one because that was all I could afford,” says Lois. “But I was able to hire Michelle and create a better split of the work. GTO really opened the door for us to think about having another full-time person.”

“The new project that I am working on, I get to shape how it goes forward. So even if not all my recommendations are taken, I can still see the influence I’ve had on the direction it’s going. I really like that. In other jobs you might be doing a lot of the grunt work and not see that impact.”

Nova Scotia Government

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