Recent Grads Drive Innovative Thinking

Jenelle Sobey, Managing Partner of Halifax based Norex says, the Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program has strengthened her belief in what a young person can do for an organization.

Jenelle Sobey

She says Halifax-born Kyle Samson, a recent graduate of the Web Development program at NSCC, is proving to be a pioneer in terms of innovative thoughts and ideas.

“I’m so pleased with Kyle’s performance. He’s a talented young professional who is competing with others with many more years of experience, and he is succeeding,” said Jenelle.

Kyle Samson

The GTO program encourages Nova Scotian employers to offer recent graduates new employment opportunities. The program helps offset salary costs so businesses can benefit from the productivity, energy, and fresh ideas a new grad brings.

“This program provides a buffer and gives new grads, like Kyle, time to get up-to-speed and contribute to the team,” said Jenelle. “With GTO it’s possible to invest in a grad and receive high value on the return of investment.”

Kyle can pretty much work anywhere as long as he has a computer and internet connection, but says staying in Nova Scotia has always been his first choice.

“What I wanted most from an organization was to have my voice heard and ideas explored. Norex does that for me. This opportunity was too good to pass up, I am happy where I am today,” said Kyle.

Since working at Norex Kyle has been involved in over 20 projects, and was lead developer on the new Dartmouth Crossing website. More recently, he’s leading the development and concept of a new internal product called Inside.

Inside is a project management software that will integrate with several third-party services. “It will provide Norex with one convenient location to monitor the health and progress of our client’s online projects,” said Kyle.

Norex has hired two graduates through GTO. Jenelle says that’s because it’s a great investment.

“Kyle was our first GTO hire; he’s been with us for two years. We’re seeing our new grads personally invest in continued learning. It has become an inspiration to us all and is helping us continue to raise the bar,” said Jenelle.

The GTO program is one of the many ways government is helping prepare young Nova Scotians get a foot in the door to land good jobs here at home. The program encourages employers to take a chance on a recent grad, and provide them with the experience they need to grow and succeed here in the province.

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