Yermak-McFaul Working Group on Russian Sanctions. Progress Update #5, June 8 compared to Apr 19

2 min readJun 9, 2022


Action Plan on Strengthening Sanctions against the Russian Federation, April 19, 2022

Prepared by KSE Institute

Last week EU leaders finally adopted the 6th sanctions package including the ban of seaborne oil from RF. However, overall slowdown in the adoption of new sanctions by partners of Ukraine is observed.

Most important progress over this week:

#Oil: EU banned seaborne oil from RF

#Financial: EU de-SWIFTED 3 RF and 1 RB banks, EU ban on insuring and financing the transport through maritime routes, of oil to third countries.

#Individual: Finally A.Kabaeva was sanctioned by the EU and Canada. Patriarch Kirill thanks to Hungary managed to omit sanctions.

#Transport: EU jointly with UK introduced co-ordinated ban on insuring ships carrying Russian oil.

#Trade: EU expanded export restrictions for dual-use goods & technology, goods & technologies that can be used in defense and security, as well as banned accounting, pr and consultancy to RF). Taiwan banned export of modern chips to RB and RF. Japan banned export goods that strengthen the industrial base of the RF, however, the country’s authorities did not specify which exactly. Canada imposed export ban on 28 services vital for the operation of the oil, gas and chemical industries, including technical, management, accounting and advertising services.

#SOE: EU sanctioned 3 SOE media (Rossiya RTR/RTR Planeta, Rossiya 24 / Russia 24 and TV Centre International), while Latvia (ban on distribution of 80 audio and audiovisual programs registered in RF). New Zealand sanctioned 32 RF SOEs and 3 RB SOEs.

There is no progress this week in #Terorism, #Secondary, #Transparency and #Reconstruction.





Head of KSE Institute, Member of Editorial Board of VoxUkraine.