9 Ways Mangools Outperforms Other SEO Tools (like Ahrefs & SEMrush)

Nate Shivar
5 min readMay 6, 2024

I’m a huge fan of Mangool’s SEO tool suite. They have incredibly cost-effective pricing, especially for small blogs and local businesses. I’ve been using SEO tools as a professional for 13+ years and I’ve been using Mangools for more than 5+ years. Here are a few ways they do better than their top tier competition like Ahrefs & SEMrush (which, I am a fan of both for separate reasons).

** for SEO nerds — this post originally appeared on my personal site. I’m moving it to Medium as a test, post-March 2024 update. I’ll publish a case study about it in a couple months.

Intuitive User Interface (no cluttering graphs & jargon)

Mangools wins hearts with its exceptionally user-friendly interface, designed to keep you focused on what matters most. You won’t get lost in a labyrinth of complex graphs and confusing jargon here.

Instead, you’re greeted by a clean, streamlined dashboard that presents data in an easily digestible format. This simplicity doesn’t compromise on depth; it ensures that you can access the insights you need without a steep learning curve or clicking around report to report.

Also — I love that their reports are all on structured, permanent URLs. You can get the URL of your favorite report, then concatenate what you want in Google Sheets, then open in the in bulk.

High Report Limits (able to pull high quantity of data)

Speaking of bulk…when it comes to data, more is often better. Mangools understands this, offering generous report limits that ensure you can extract a high quantity of information for your analysis.

This means more keywords, backlinks, and competitor data at your fingertips, allowing for a comprehensive SEO strategy. With Mangools, you’re less likely to hit frustrating caps that stall your research.

Comprehensive SERP Analysis (includes mobile and local SERPs)

A thorough SERP analysis is crucial for SEO success, and Mangools delivers with a comprehensive tool that includes mobile and local search results.

Understanding how your site performs across different devices and locales is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. Mangools’ SERPChecker gives you the insights you need to optimize for the ever-growing mobile audience and to tailor your strategy to specific geographic regions.

Deep Backlink Insights (uses Majestic + Moz metrics and creates a Link Strength metric)

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and Mangools’ integration with trusted sources like Majestic and Moz ensures you get a complete picture of your backlink profile.

But Mangools goes a step further by introducing its own Link Strength metric, a distilled measure of a backlink’s effectiveness. This unique feature allows you to quickly assess the quality of your backlinks and prioritize your link-building efforts efficiently. Use Mangools to gain deep insights into your backlinks and strengthen your off-page SEO.

Effective Site Profiling (SiteProfiler pulls a wide range of SERP & Link Competitors)

Understanding your website’s position within the digital landscape is made easier with Mangools’ SiteProfiler. This tool pulls a wide range of data, from SERP competitors to link competitors, painting a detailed picture of where your site stands. I love that I can quickly identify actual SERP competitors (even if they aren’t my or my clients’ real-life competitors).

Local SEO Advantage (find local SERP and other local competitors quickly)

Local SEO can be the deciding factor for businesses targeting regional markets. Mangools shines in this area, offering tools that help you quickly find local SERP rankings and identify local competitors.

Affordable Pricing Plans (priced to actually use the tool for all types of sites)

Budget constraints shouldn’t prevent you from accessing high-quality SEO tools. Mangools offers affordable pricing plans that make it a practical choice for all types of sites, from personal blogs to large enterprises.

This approach democratizes SEO, ensuring that you can leverage professional-grade tools without breaking the bank. I love both Ahrefs and SEMrush — they are both great. And I don’t think anyone will ever surpass Ahrefs’ data quality — however, it can be hard to justify their price tag for some websites and clients.

Unique Learning Resources (tutorials are embedded in the tools)

Mangools isn’t just a toolset; it’s a learning platform. With tutorials embedded directly within the tools, you can learn as you work, enhancing your SEO knowledge on the fly.

This integration of education and application is a game-changer, providing you with the guidance you need to use the tools effectively. Lean on these unique learning resources to expand your SEO expertise while achieving your goals.

Responsive Customer Support (Mangools is still small and agile)

In a world where customer support can make or break your experience with a product, Mangools stands out with its responsive and personalized service.

Being a smaller, more agile company, Mangools can offer the kind of support that larger competitors struggle to match.

Seamless Tool Integration (tools are focused on SEO campaigns only)

Mangools’ suite of tools is designed with a singular focus on SEO, ensuring seamless integration and a unified approach to your campaigns. From keyword research to rank tracking, every tool complements the others, creating a cohesive toolset that streamlines your SEO process.

This integration means less time juggling different platforms and more time optimizing your online presence.

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