Giving It All

Putting in work entails a lot. This may not be in the right order, but listed below are a few observations about getting the job done, nice and dusted.

White Rose


There’s a popular saying, “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” So there is a need to put the right efforts, if truly you want to make the best out of the product you’re designing. You can’t give out your best if you’re not mentally prepared to do so. The moment you open your mind and stay rooted you wouldn’t want to settle for less because you’ve put your name on the job.



This happens practically when you put in effort to getting the job done. It is what you get to see and feel during the course of designing. You discover and learn new ways of doing things. As a designer while working with tools like Photoshop, occasionally I bump into shortcuts or exciting ways to go about creating an effect on an artwork. These moments of discovery feel like an adventure.

Build Efficiency

Immersing yourself into the whole process of making an idea come alive, or gearing to meet a deadline, increases your capacity to work for longer hours while maintaining a good creative display. It enforces you to be more resilient. Gaining confidence to withstand this pressure can be done by, building your skillset and knowledge from hours put in the job.

“Inspiration is for Amateurs”

If you have been in a situation where you’re caught up with a deadline and pressure keeps mounting by the minute, then you can relate to the quote. For you to deliver a job with great creativity displayed requires a lot more than inspiration. You have to put in hours of work from research to sketching and all.

“Inspiration is for amateurs,” says Chuck Close, photorealist painter and photographer.

The fact is, if you’re waiting for inspiration, you won’t get any anything done.

How Small We Are In The Scale of the Universe by Yukai Du

Investing in Time

In giving your all to a task or a corporate project, you’re painting a beautiful future at the time. It’s like harvest time from the hours you worked. There’s no way you wouldn’t see the gains of your efforts whether in the level of commitment and advocacy on the project or methods learnt in creating a kickass effect. Even if it seems that what you’re doing is leading nowhere; I’m sure someday, life would hit you with the realities of your efforts on that project.

So don’t give up. Give it all.

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