How This BUG in ICICI Credit Card website causing me to PAY extra money.

I am literally frustrated from ICICI website. I am ended up paying more money. I request ICICI to pay back extra money.

Let me tell you what is the Bug.

If you see the screen below

Website is saying, I am suppose to pay 45,593 Rupee. Which is totally wrong.

When I click the Pay Now button. It show me this

This is a Correct Screen. Notice, there is -41,448. what it means ? There is a negative sign. So Basically, I paid Extra money to ICICI credit card accidentally. This is the money I was suppose to get from ICICI back. So ideally there should not be a NEXT button.

But If I click Next button. This -41,448 get converted into 41,448 in NEXT screen. and I will end up paying EXTRA 41448 again to ICICI website.

Source of Error/Bug

First Check the January Month Statement of my Credit Card

Their formula of very simple —

Total Due = Prev Balance+ Purchase — Cash — Payment given

As per calculations, I am suppose to pay them 1,32,367.57

Which is Correct. Problem Happened in February Month Statement.

As, you remember, I was suppose to pay, 132367.57 from last month. But I made a mistake, I paid 2 times. Check here.

First Time - Auto Debit

Second Time — Manual

So, Instead of paying, 132367.57, I paid 264735.14. Which is just Double of What I suppose to pay. Check my statement again. it says I paid 265722.79.

Don’t worry about the difference 987.65 which is just a refund of Amazon.

Lets Calculate, How much I have to pay to ICICI this month.

You can see, If we calculate manual, We gets -41448.17. Check again with PDF statement, In PDF, they write 41448.17.

So, It means, simple, ICICI suppose to pay me 41448.17 rupee back to me.

But, ICICI website is buggy, Guess what, Because of bug, I have payed this money.

ICICI is giving me Thanks, because I paid 41448.17. This is the money which they are suppose to return me.

As per their website, When I go inside the Statement, It shows.

So, At one place they say, total amount due is -45593.06, which is AS of Today. That means, ICICI should return my 45593.06. but At the other screen, they are demanding me to pay 45.593.06

Today, I tried 4–5 times to call ICICI. After listening their moronic non-sense for 4–5 minutes, they say, press 16 digits of your credit card number. When I press those 16 digits, they disconnect my call. I am very much frustrated.

When I call them on their number, Listen what they say, On Phone the automated voice is still asking me to pay 45.593.06


  1. They should pay me back ASAP.
  2. ICICI must solve bug in their system and improve their website.


It took me 1 whole day to figure out some thing is wrong. I was trusting their website. Today, I downloaded all my past statement, created excel sheet from them and did manual calculations and then I figured out what went wrong and how.

My one day cost more than XXXXX rupee. I am sure, ICICI will not pay me even 1 rupee for damaging in my Neurons by giving me frustration.

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