My Take on “Forceful” Auto-Upgrade of Browsers.

I want to live in a world where Humanity MUST be forced to auto-upgrade their Internet Browsers (Chrome/Firefox/IE etc).


Browsers are very special kind of software. Browsers are THE Most widely used software.

Web application developer like me, when create web application, they are FORCED to create application which can work in OLD browser too.

Developer are forced to write code which will work in OLD browsers. We are forced to send SLOW and OLD code to new browsers too. This is a generic statement. In general this is true. Good Users and Most developers are suffered because of user who do not upgrade their browsers (knowingly and unknowingly)

Let suppose Google release a new upgrade to Chrome, Why the hell somebody on earth will say NO to it.

There is NO reason to keep old version of browser.

IMO - Whole Humanity must be forced to auto-upgrade browsers.
IMO — Even If you disable auto-upgrade on your mobile, Browser should be able to auto upgrade.
IMO- Right to carry old browsers must be taken away from all human being. Browsers must be fully controlled by their Masters and they should be able to upgrade it. Nothing wrong on it.


  1. What about 2g or slow internet or roaming connection

If User is having slow Internet connection then upgrade can happen later or when it join Wifi/Ethernet connection. No problem.

2. But User has right to choose if they want to upgrade their browser or not.


And don’t talk stupid. An Upgrade is not a software. It is just a improvement on a software which This F****ing user already has installed.

If User has installed a Browser, We must assume he/she will be FORCE-FED with new upgrades.

Right to keep old version of browser should be taken away from Human being.

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