NJ citizens planning Springsteen statue on border with PA

Goat Hill in Fall 2012 (left) and Goat Hill in Fall 2014 (right) — Steve Chernoski

Goat Hill in West Amwell, New Jersey overlooks the Delaware River and offers one of the best views in the state. On a clear day, a visitor can view the sleepy towns of Lambertville on the New Jersey side and New Hope on the Pennsylvania side, along with the bridges that link the two. And the sign that once marked the location of Goat Hill is now gone.

Nothing is known about its whereabouts and calls to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which oversees state parks, were not returned because it’s Sunday.

But local citizens on the Jersey side have impulsively started a grassroots campaign (along with an eventual Kickstarter) to replace the sign with a hulking wooden statue of the state’s favorite son: The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

A rendering of the Boss statue — John Devendorf

Leader of the movement, Johan Pinkerton, posted the following on a local Facebook page:

On a given day, you see plenty of tourists snapping photos on the pedestrian side of the Lambertville-New Hope Bridge. The problem is there is never a focal point for that photo. What looks like a good selfie is really just water and hills. So our proposal and goal is threefold:
1. Give tourists a focal point that promotes the New Jersey side of the river.
2. Announce to any eastbound traveler, that they are now entering the GREAT Garden State.
3. Give us something iconic besides lighthouses at the Shore.
That beautiful river and hills sure could use some Boss — Steve Chernoski

Pinkerton elaborated that the statue will be half Colossus of Rhodes and half Hollywood sign. It will be made from local wood and since Springsteen’s legs are planned to be spread, viewers on the hill will still have a mostly unencumbered view of the river valley below.

When Pinkerton was pressed about if this would create a skirmish with Pennsylvania and lead to a tall building battle between the towns or violate any possible zoning or height restrictions, he replied, “It wouldn’t be any taller than Bowman’s Hill Tower. And F*** Pennsylvania.”

Environmentalists are predictably disappointed with the current plans, but there is a notable divide because Springsteen already raised environmental awareness by doing an album about The River.

  • This is obviously a satirical post, but the author wishes it wasn’t
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