The lost video that hinted at Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency

Joe Biden in 2007 at an Italian Day Parade (PD)

Like many others, my March Madness bracket was destroyed yesterday. The salt in that wound will likely be my fantasy hockey team missing the playoffs for the third straight year this Sunday. When it comes to sports, I guess I’ve lost my compass. But there was a time, with US politics, that I made a moonshot guess and landed like an Eagle.

In the summer of 2008, at a friend’s birthday party in Lower Manhattan, the conversation turned to who Barack Obama’s vice-presidential nominee would be. I was certain that Obama wasn’t going to pick Hillary Clinton and that he would need an older white male (with foreign policy experience) to satisfy voters who might be on the fence over Change. So I bet a friend that Joe Biden would be Obama’s nominee against every other candidate. The bet was Biden vs. every other person in the world.

The odds were not in my favor, but I had recently seen this video that got a lot of attention on some politically-connected chat rooms. It deftly mashed sound-bytes of the main democratic candidates agreeing with Biden, set to Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the Toy Story movies. Now while it might be hyperbole to suggest it was this video alone that foretold Biden’s vice-presidency, I did feel it was my ace-in-the-hole.

I hope the Biden 2008 team who put the video together are in bigger positions today. Almost a decade later, this video is a rare find and I was only able to access it through the Internet Archive.

By the way, the prize was merely a case of beer. It’s a shame I didn’t bet more, considering the odds. I shared it with my street hockey team and to some of us, they’re still known as “Biden Beers.”*

*- There’s irony here — Joe Biden doesn’t drink alcohol and hasn’t for decades.