Yes, and what happens to them?
David Cearley

If you are talking about the US government and health care decisions, I agree with you. If you are writing about ALL governments then I suggest you do more research. As an American who worked and lived abroad for much of my life, can attest that health care even for s relatively well off person is infinitely better in Australia, Singapore, France, Japan, and Germany than in the US. And more cost-effective. And slightly off-topic, having worked at a K Street consultancy (lobbyist aka legal bribery agent) would argue that the money in the DC area is due to most of the oligarchs figuring out how to most effectively milk us for the benefit of their private companies. The Kochs, Clintons, Trumps, Goldman, Northrop, PwC, Pfizer, Google, AT&T, Aetna, etc all maintain lobbyists, offices, and high paid people in DC in order to increase corporate revenue.

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