Hi Natalie —
Chris Peterson

Hello Chris,

Thank you for such a thoughtful and nuanced response. To be honest, I am currently thinking through the very questions you are asking, and I hope to address them in detail in the pieces that follow. For the sake of brevity here, I will just share the general direction in which I am thinking:

I see value in both more specific and more thematic credentials, as well as in credential versioning. The more precise the information embedded in the credential, the more information it would give the viewer about what it actually means. So, for example, Universities issuing degrees could embed or link to a gate-protected series of specifications about what that degree entails for that particular recipient. Or, courses that give out credentials could embed or link to the course requirements which had to be fulfilled in order to receive the credential. Credentials could even be as specific as, “License to operate a Class C vehicle with vision correction.”

Since both fields of knowledge and human beings are constantly evolving, credentials could be employed as measurements of the state of a person’s development at one point in time. That point of measurement could, in turn, index a node in the development of a field or body of knowledge. Over time, blockchain-based credentials could create a database of evolving human capacities, which could be visualized thematically as shifting clouds or building geological strata of capacities in different areas.

This is all very rough here, and I hope to elaborate more on these thoughts in the weeks to come!

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