You guys are awesome.
Jeremie Tisseau

I can’t help but have a lot of confidence in what is to come from Figma. Sure there are features that are missing, but its hard to not have some shred of confidence when they are knocking it out of the park with substantial features (like this) which add to the growing list of things that are not-present in other tools.

When it comes to the basic feature-sets shared with other tools, many of them have received much more thoughtful implementation in Figma. Take the grid system for example—Sketch’s implementation of grids is ridiculously clunky in comparison. In Figma you can add multiple grids (both columns and rows), set them to scale with the frame or stay fixed, adjust the alignment, style & toggle them independently, and most importantly, they are modular in the sense that they get applied as an attribute of the artboard allowing them to be easily copied and moved onto other artboards, or even within other components. Superior in every possible way.

Makes you wonder if competitors were expecting Figma to focus on those “missing features” before they tackled something of this magnitude. I’m not a developer but I can only assume implementing a pages feature is a lot less complex than Team Libraries. Just speculating, perhaps establishing the Team Libraries first will set the foundations for better implementation for things like pages, nested instances of components, etc.

A trip to the Figma release notes page is becoming a daily ritual :)

Can’t wait to play around with the new feature! Hats off to these folks!