Hypocrisy of the Indian Elite
Nish Rao

Powerful piece. Excellently written. And thank you!

I see in responses that the reaction of most persons is either defensive(‘doesn’t apply to me’) or counter-attacking(‘hey, what about you?’). Objectively, that doesn’t seem like the best way to react, I believe people can just extract that which helps them to improve instead of going for an emotional, knee-jerk reaction.

PS-I saw that you wrote ‘Calamity brings the worst in people’ somewhere. That is not at all true from my experience. During the Chennai floods, from day one, I saw people uniting as one community, surviving together and helping any random person. A number of volunteers were mostly young people, trying to do their best.

Maybe it’s just what I am focusing my attention on, influencing my perspective, but I really believe that in the face of apocalypse, a large part of human society unites. It also makes sense from an anthropological point of view — our species would never have survived thus far, and we’ve been through a lot of tough times in our duration.

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