Cindicator! Until now, maybe you have never thought of yourself as a financial analyst?

Nick L
3 min readApr 26, 2018

From the smouldering ashes of the financial crisis, my interest in economics was born. From reading blogs and news articles to the birth of Bitcoin, my knowledge and understanding of our financial world grew. But how could I put my knowledge to use and be financially rewarded?

The decentralised, peer to peer, blockchain disruption is under way and the doors are open to anyone who has an internet connection. Cindicator is a decentralised, community driven platform that uses hybrid intelligence to provide financial market indicators. It now has over 95,000 individual analysts who send their predictions into the Cindicator ecosystem. These financial predictions are then enhanced using artificial intelligence to refine the data and make the forecasts more precise.

I came across the Cindicator project in late January 2018 whilst doing my weekly research of new and exciting start-ups that are based on blockchain technology. Reading about the project on Cindicator’s website really got me excited so I quickly registered to become an analyst and started making predictions. To my amazement, at the beginning of February I received an e-mail from Cindicator notifying me that I had finished in the top 20% for the month and I had been rewarded with Ethereum.

I’ve carried on making my predictions and have been fortunate enough to earn a reward each month so far. I think Cindicator is a unique system that provides powerful financial indicators. Many analysts providing unique insights in a decentralised manner produces more accurate market indicators than large groups of analysts working together.

You don’t need to be working in the City of London to be rewarded for your financial insights! Thanks to the very smart and easy to use Cindicator App you can now participate in making predictions in both traditional and crypto markets, any time and any where! New questions are frequently loaded into the app, answer as many as you wish.

The Cindicator App makes it easy to filter questions between past and future and between crypto and traditional markets. The questions themselves can be binary where there is a sliding percentage scale to indicate the probability of an event happening. For example, what is the probability of a particular cryptocurrency increasing by 10% over the next ten days.

Questions can also be price related; these require a more specific forecast by entering a price range for a commodity or cryptocurrency within a specific time span. For example, what will be the minimum and maximum price of Gold Futures during the following day. Conditional based questions are also offered.

Every month you have a good chance to be rewarded for your insights by receiving Ethereum directly into your Cindicator wallet. Withdrawals are permitted once you have reached a balance of just 0.01 ETH.

Making regular predictions in Cindicator has prompted me to research and learn about new and exciting projects in the crypto space. Indeed, during my time as a Cindicator analyst I have found that the more predictions I make, the more market knowledge and experience I gain.