I was born in Bandung, October 2, 1995. This Libra girl started reading poetry since sitting in elementary school. Some of my first reading was the writings of Khalil Gibran, Jallaludin Rumi, Farrarudin Attar, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Binhad Nurrohmat and Moammar Emka thus influencing the beginning of my melancholy but wildly literary style. As time went on, i grew increasingly into the art world and decided to take a Theater study at Vocational High School of Performing Arts. From that point on, i grew more determined as an artist in the field of Role Art. After graduating from school, i actively social activities in Kampung Pasundan as a coach of the Division of Performing Arts Theater and Tradition Dance by volunteering.

During my career as a poet reader, i also performed several theater performances such as Pop Opera Gonjang-Ganjing Nagri Kuring by Nano. S (2010), D.O.R by Putu Wijaya (2011), Random Girl by James Courey Kaufman (2015). Not only on stage i also dig the art of role in the frame in the independent movie of Rembah Pribumi (2015). When i smoke, my cigarette became my own dialogue with myself resulting in writing, some of which were poetry “Toilets” in the series of Indonesian Poetry Battle and circulated in Germany (2015), a book of Cawan Aksara (2016) and poetry anthology “Tematik Rindu” by Sudut Sastra (2017).