A More Perfect Union: The Anti-Polarization Reading List

“The test… is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

There’s been a lot of talk in and around the 2016 US Elections. But it’s talk about each other, not with each other. Like everyone else, I read as much as I could but found myself drawn to a specific type of article — ones by authors who have their feet in both worlds that, even if we might disagree, help us see both sides. It’s been really eye-opening and only when I understood did I feel informed enough to have an opinion. I wanted to see more people in this space but realized there wasn’t even a place for it. For people wanting to move beyond the knee-jerk reaction, to dig deeper to figure out where to start. So I gathered articles and videos scattered around the internet and listed them in this Google Doc. It’s public so please add your own.

These pieces are less about proving a point and more about listening and asking questions. To get under the skin of the other and come back with a broader perspective. To hear someone out and hopefully be heard in return. I’d like to believe this is possible because how can we fix something if we don’t understand it?