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We didn’t get the chance to present any deals to the IC this month. I believe that they (and us) needed a break from hearing new pitches, and instead, needed to witness the closure of the deals we already have in hand. However, we did get some amazing deals that were too irresistible to give up. …

A man from a small town in Madhya Pradesh asked BabyChakra to help him find a fertility clinic. BabyChakra sent him some recommendations. Last week, a year after his initial message, he shared a picture of two baby girls thanking BabyChakra. He now has a family he thought he would never have.

This is just one of the countless heartwarming stories one can witness daily on BabyChakra. A leading online parenting platform in India, it connects 2 million families with experts and with each other every month. As one of the early stage investors, we can only be proud of…

Artha India Ventures’ portfolio company Coutloot recently raised $1 million in a new round of funding that was led by the investment arm of Chinese unicorn CashBUS. The round also saw participation from existing investors, Artha India Ventures and Venture Catalysts.

About Coutloot:

Coutloot is a Mumbai-based social Consumer-to-consumer tech platform where users can buy and sell new as well as preloved fashion. It was founded in 2016 by a young team of Mahima Kaul, Vinit Jain and Jasmeet Thind. This mobile-first C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) tech platform for fashion has recently raised $1 million in its pre-series A round.

Sector Outlook…

A family office is often a private company that manages wealth for high net worth families. These families often seek different avenues (such as private equity or venture capital) to invest and grow their familial wealth. The family office is focused on finding the right opportunity, a striking idea that they can empower and take forward. Unlocking this source of capital could be the key to getting funds for your start-up. To explore this new avenue of funds, you should research the family office’s investment philosophy and their investment criteria.

If a family office chooses to invest in your business…

Current scenario:
Safeguard duty is a duty that is payable on import of goods which are already being manufactured in India but cost higher than the import. It is imposed by the Central Government on imported goods so that the Indian manufacturers do not suffer from the low-cost goods that are imported from countries like China and Malaysia. This is being done by the government bodies in order to create a level playing field for Indian manufacturers and importers.

Safeguard duty (different from anti-dumping duty or countervailing duty) is a temporary relief provided when imports of a product increase unexpectedly…

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