Black Label Properties Strengthens its Online Presence in Asia With its Own Chinese Website and WeChat Channel.

The international real estate agency Black Label Properties is pleased to present its new Chinese website. Chinese customers from Asia and in Germany are one of its largest customer groups and clients can now search for properties and gain more knowledge about the city and its lifestyle in their native language and social channels.

Creating a website specifically for Asian clients was necessary in order to better reach this customer group in their own language and to further optimise service and communication. The Berlin-based team has made adjustments to account for online marketing habits in Asia. “We have enabled faster access times and significantly improved search engine placement through on-site hosting. Of course the site is very much based on the existing pages of our website and the Black Label Immobilien (BLI) brand is immediately recognisable, but we have made important adjustments in terms of content, design and search capabilities,” says Nancy Yuan, Regional Manager Asia at Black Label Properties of the exciting development of our third website, which includes search engine optimisation for local search engines (especially Baidu) and social networks including WeChat, now in Chinese language.

In 2017, BLI sold properties worth more than 5 million euros to Chinese customers. Last June, BLI opened another Hong Kong site with Nancy Yuan as its Asian partner. The Chinese real estate expert continues to see her most important task as looking after our Asian customers and enquiries from Asia intensified last year. At the same time, BLI has teamed up with Nancy to build an extensive network of partnerships with banks, Chinese lawyers and tax accountants to further support Chinese-speaking clients in China and Berlin. Cooperation with Chinese media and distribution channels was also a focus last year, and BLI is working on-site in Asia with the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad and local media.

“We now have our own WeChat channel (WeChat is a Chinese mix of WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and by far the most important social network in China, as well as for Chinese overseas). Our marketing towards Asia and our online presence have grown a lot. All of this must continue to be organised and filled with content. I am particularly pleased that the first requests have been made after a short time — this shows us that we are on the right path,” adds Nancy.

This year’s focus is online marketing and the creation of additional locations. With their new website, the BLI team would like to further promote online marketing in China. At the same time, BLI wants to progressively expand its offer for other Asian locations. Many interested parties are also regularly looking for projects and real estate in other German cities outside of Berlin, so BLI plans to gradually expand its offer throughout Germany.

What is the perception of the influx of Asian investors back in Germany? “Chinese customers in Germany are sometimes regarded as well-funded customers, who are also willing to pay prices above the market level due to the usual high prices in Chinese cities. They are usually very knowledgeable but like to negotiate well,” says Nancy.

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