Whether you’ve been to NTA before or it’s your first time, it’s always nice to be reminded about the main stuff needed to prepare and survive NTA. So here’s what you should remember about things to take, getting to the camp, what to do once you arrive and the most important things at the camp.

I. Packing

NTA is an open-air event so don’t forget to prepare well for a few days in the nature. We suggest taking these things:

For you comfortable camping:

  • a tent
  • a sleeping bag
  • other things for you to feel comfortable in the woods (e.g., a camping chair)
  • appropriate and comfortable…

We’ve already introduced you our main friend this year — Tesonet, but meet the rest of our friends of No Trolls Allowed 2019! Although all are different but all agree on one thing — NTA is the place you want to be, because if you’re not, it’s a big loss. Just imagine how many opportunities you’d miss: meeting new awesome people, trying out crazy activities that can’t be found anywhere else, spending the best time this summer in the most amazing place that has this in-the-middle-of-nowhere feeling. …

NTA 2019 is just around the corner! In just 3 short weeks we’ll all meet in the woods and spend one of the best and most awaited weeks this summer. But as you all know, the only way to get to the camp is either do a presentation/workshop or become a volunteer. The good news is that you’ve still got this last week to do that.

Official registration deadline for presentations and workshops is the 7th of July which is already this upcoming Sunday! If you make it in time, you’ll not only have your ticket to the camp secured…

NTA wouldn’t happen without good people and communities who bring their own special vibe to the camp. This year we want to say big thanks to our gold sponsor Tesonet — the gang who’s been with us for a few years and still manages to surprise all of the participants and organisers each year. “Is this the real life… is this just super awesome hacker camp fantasy?” is how Tesonet describes NTA. And we couldn’t agree more! So what’s waiting for us this year? Continue reading to find out!

First things first though. You probably know Tesonet quite well but…

Having started from 3 people coming up with the idea and managing to gather 70 people to the first camp, today NTA has grown to this huge event with 400+ people and an expanding organisational team who are doing all of this just because they love it. Well guess what — you are invited to join as well!!!

Whatever your motive behind (want to see NTA from the inside?, never participated and want to check the waters before you make a presentation next year?, want volunteering experience on your CV?, just not up for speaking?), you’re welcome. …

3. 2. 1. Go! Registration for the greatest 2019 summer experience is open! Whether you’re a tech geek, an office worker, a traveler or [you name it], you’re super welcome to present your hobbies and things you are passionate about at No Trolls Allowed!

Register your presentation or workshop — that’s your ticket to NTA 2019.

In the registration form you’ll be able to fill in all the information about your activity. Based on the topic and form it will be appointed to one of the stages. As always, there will be 3 stages for presentations: Digital (everything about computers…

Before we begin all the madness of No Trolls Allowed 2019, there’s just one more thing we thought we’d ask. As now is the time for Annual tax returns, it’s also the time to donate 2% of your personal income taxes. That being said, we’re asking your, our loyal friends’, support to help us make magic like NTA happen!

What is 2% of personal income taxes?

Based on Lithuanian law, every working person pays 15% of income taxes. Out of these 15%, they can donate 2% to a chosen beneficiary. In this case, those 2% are sent to this beneficiary…

Can you feel it — already a week has passed after NTA 2018! The event was massive yet again with over 450 people registered at the camp! So this post goes to all of them.

From all the organisers we want to say huge thanks to all the participants — grown-ups and kids, goats and other furry friends — you made the event great again! You still amaze us with your energy, chill vibe and your sincere involvement in every activity at the camp, from serious presentations to welding and so much more. …

Check… Check… And we are live! 40Mbps internet’s in the camp, so you could say we are all set. So for all of those who come here for the first time, here’s a bunch of things you need to know before you come.

Stuff to take

Well, this is an open-air festival, so take everything you would bring to any music festival. Also a good idea — to bring your laptop and any cool gadgets you have — we’re sure you will make a use of those. Here’s a short list for your convenience:

  • Tent, sleeping bag and other stuff of comfortable camping

Hey, hey! It’s only 3 days left until the most amazing summer fest in 2018.

This year we have almost 40 different workshops from lasers and scavenger hunt to sauna!!! You can find the list of all the workshops and activities here: https://2018.notrollsallowed.com/dirbtuves

And here are some you can keep track of.

Book club

Happening on Sunday. You have to register here if you want to participate: https://goo.gl/forms/AHA6YPtzjRcCuZDG2

NTA Puzzle Hunt

Happening during the entire event. If you want to participate, you need to register at info-desk. The winners will be awarded with special swag ;)

Quiz game (Galvodaužis 3)

Starts on Friday, 19:00. If you want to participate…

No Trolls Allowed Here

The largest open-air hacker camp in the Baltics.

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