Entering in New World.!

Hello, 2018

A new start, a new beginning, new things and everything new then why old you.? Before I ask you to start a new in your life, there’s something for me to do. Because it’s said that before expecting from other, you should do the things which you expect from others. Hence it’s my turn to be the one to start a NEW.

So, here I enter in the new world of storing the memories and creating the new ones with the words. A new eve starts with the new beginning of writing the BLOGS. It’s better to start something than nothing. This is the thought that I started today to write. Yeah, it’s difficult to decide the topic on which you want to write but no one can stop you if you are determined.

What I started.

Safely landed in 2018 but 2017 has some good things to be stored. The most horrible thing reading books I started. Yeah, you heard the correct I started reading. For me it’s no more horrible, it’s the most interesting thing to do when you are free to scroll your social media on the phone. I would say if you want to change yourself start the same.

What I learned.

In the technical field, at last, I started programming. Beginning with Python and then HTML, CSS, C++, Java, Android. Now got hands-on with web designing. Learned to program and create projects on the development boards like Arduino an Raspberry Pi. A lot more to learn in the upcoming year.

2k17 has little achievements to be remembered in life forever.

Won the title of Champions in ANGELHACK, a Global Hackathon Series.

Got selected for the GOOGLE DEVELOPER DAYS INDIA 2017.

Got true friends to trust blindly.

The year taught me what to do and what not along with identifying people. This was all 2K17. Now here I started my 2018 year with the writing. Hence I started writing. And now I ask you to start new things with the new year.

Not its time for the resolution of the new year. I know myself how much I would keep it so only two for the year.

1. 2k18 should end by learning the machine learning along with it I should be able to myself developer.

2. I would try to improve my health good till the time comes to say goodbye 2018.

Please excuse the mistakes I made. A newbie in the writing. I would try to improve in the next post.


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