Self-reflection journal

  1. How do you practice cyber security in a personal context?
  • I make sure i never join open WiFi's ( The hotspot you can be connecting may be malicious. There can be someone with a wifi router patiently waiting for someone to connect, this can cause damage because the person can have all access to your devices and get personal information e.g banking details.
  • I enforce safe password practices ( Make sure your passwords are long, strong and are 8 characters long )
  • I make sure my operating system is up to date ( This helps your computer free from viruses and other security threats

2. How secure are your personal data and devices

  • I make sure my data is stored and backed up (This helps if you loose your data you can always retrieve it )
  • I make sure i enforce safe passwords (I make sure my passwords are long and strong )
  • I make sure i lock my devices ( if you do not lock your device, it is easy for someone to come and open your device and steal confidential information)
  • I make sure i keep Anti-Virus updated ( This help to protect valuable documents )
  • I make sure Operating system are up to date (limits you from being vulnerable to threats )

3. After going through this module do you think there are steps you need to take in order to make your personal data more secure ?

  • safe storage of important files stored on removable disks
  • Avoiding accidental deletion of files by write-protecting disks
  • using data encryption techniques
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