If presidential candidates were NBA Draft prospects who would they be?

Originally published at freethrows.net on March 21, 2016.

These comparisons involve two subjects — U.S. presidential candidates and NBA Draft prospects — one of which I have a pretty solid grasp over, the other not so much.

Bernie Sanders-Brandon Ingram

So unpolished. Questions about their defense. Catches your eye. Unusual. Feels risky because there are very few historical figures who work as comparisons. Popular with the youth. North Carolina breeds basketball players, New York breeds Presidents.

Ted Cruz-Grayson Allen

I mean, look at them. This is mainly about physical appearance. Buuut, they’re also both aggressive and hard to like. Associated with very white institutions.

Marco Rubio-Skal Labissiere

Misjudged by the public. They both appear to be studs, but had underwhelming performances in 2016. Both could come around in the future, however, they may actually be average. Marco should call Skal and say, “Hey, Skal, I know you’ve waited your whole life for this, but 2016 isn’t our year. Stay at Kentucky for another season.”

Martin O’Malley-Dragan Bender

Because, who gives a shit?

Jeb Bush-Jakob Poeltl

Victims of normality in an unusual year. Blasts from the past. Some like(d) the idea of investing in them, but can either hang with the big dogs?

John Kasich-Jamal Murray

Safe option, but is getting overshadowed in 2016. Sort of a throwback, but that’s the problem amongst flashier competition. Not winning the news cycle.

Hilary Clinton-Ben Simmons

We love nitpicking, but both seem to be strong candidates. Facilitators. Shaq is to Simmons what Bill Clinton is to Hilary.

Ben Carson-Guerschon Yabusele

“Huh? How’d you get here? And why? Seriously, who the hell are you?”

Fun to consider.

Donald Trump-Buddy Hield

Sorry, Buddy, there’s no good comparisons for Trump. Well, here’s the weak case for Buddy Hield: Strong name recognition; recognizable; been in our lives for years but only recently has established himself as a NBA Prospect/candidate.

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