News Binge: April 10

Jen Aniston taught us how to sleep, people evaded taxes, and the CIA is truly horrifying.

Psssh, I mean, stuff happened! You may want to know about it.

Muckraking journalism: “Writers whose exposés of corruption in business and government aroused public opinion and helped spur Progressive-Era reforms … the term was applied to all those engaged in uncovering scandal and corruption.

Today, muckraking is usually done by TMZ and D’Angelo Russell. That’s okay because public figures are symbolic. But there’s no denying that those reports are less important than Watergate, blood diamonds in Africa, and excessive executions during the Vietnam War.

This week, history added the Panama Papers scandal to our books.

Muckraking is what attracts some to the news industry. Sure, there’s a time for writing/reading pieces about nonsense; however, most join the press with ambitions of changing the system. It’s a lofty goal. But every so often, a leak or report of this nature comes along and humbles those same capable persons now covering Trump. Trump-like stories are everywhere, Panama Papers-like ones aren’t.

In the moment, reading the report felt like someone was ripping your innocence away from you. Like David Cameron and others were burying your optimism underneath their heaps of currency. But it’s important. Thank you, muckrakers.

Back to our regularly scheduled program …

Weird, yet fascinating, stuff to start this week. The CIA is funding the development of a skincream that peels back a layer of skin, so they can eventually use it. The way this person writes about the brain (← READ OF THE WEEK) is gripping. And, panpsychism. Yo.

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers put Facebook warriors in a frenzy. But why is it upsetting? Is it the importance of taxes? Are you wondering why so few Americans are listed? I mean, the Chinese are in there. By the way, the far-left doesn’t know what to think either.


Hope lies with the proles.

WhatsApp stregnthened their encryption, but their founders used to work for the CIA, so that’s odd. Guess it’s never too late to change lanes.

Also, just really impressed with this guy’s theivery.


Legislation in Mississippi makes the downsides of Grindr look like rubbish.

Media Approaches

Hey, The Wired does a roundup too! First-time reader here.

It’s admirable that The Nation, a respected journalistic entity, is comfortable supporting a candidate.


Remember when Trump said women with abortions should be punished? Turns out they already are. Be pissed. The Democratic Party does a great job of convincing “low-wage” workers that they care about their opinions. Minimum wage update, including cool thoughts about economics versus ethics. America is the only developed country not already doing this. Charles Barkley, seriously. This is worth clicking just for a thoughtful quote about polarization from Obama — wondering if the GOP is angry when he says this kind of thing about polarization.


Aw, man. HAHAHA! Lol. Clever. That’s funny.

Head Turners

Fascinating stuff about the communication and politics surrounding the female body. The facelift of late-night television. Jennifer Aniston teaches us how to sleep.


Former student-athletes begin gaining compensation for video games of the past and the Rams plan to go global.

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