News Binge: April 17

Where do you find your news?


Probably a few different places. Maybe mostly through one particular avenue but, yeah, you probably are confronted with news in multiple ways.

In fact, you definitely are. Stuff, yes stuff, is everywhere in 2016. You’re so stimulated. It’s unavoidable in the same way that you see like a billion advertisements every day.

All of it’s not of quality. Most of it distorts the truth, rather than reporting facts. Some of the shameless click-bait on your social media feed and “corporate journalism” (e.g. CNN and ESPN) might have convinced you that all of it is junk — that searching for quality news is a lost cause.

However, I promise, that’s not the case.

Similarly, there’s a bunch of people who suck. Those people are louder than the genuinely good people. With that being said, there are people and news sources out there who are a part of the solution, and not the problem.

Quality news is tougher to find, again, just like a loyal and good-hearted friend. We’re doing our best over here at the News Binge to present you with interesting, truthful, bold, comedic, and progressive articles every week. Others are doing the same.

Because the goodness is tough to find, it’s important that we as individuals promote quality, in order to drown out the money being thrown at the illusions. Don’t let the gimmicks convince you that the world is a scary place or that butts matter more than air strikes in the Middle East.

The good news is out there. Right now. It’s on you to find it. To search for it. To read it. To share it.

Back to our regularly scheduled program …

Realized that we should dance more, the NBA Playoffs began, and the internet is on its way to being entirely encrypted.

Pssshhhh, I mean, stuff happened. You may want to know about it.

News on News

Writing news is all about loyalties and for most writers, their loyalty is with whoever is paying them. Iraqis don’t like being bombed. Shocker! The heralded New York Times has a delightful interactive feature they run every week, happy to have discovered it.


Social media is about the personalities, so anonymous platforms (like Yik-Yak) have trouble surviving. Going back to the subject of news finding, even LinkedIn has some great articles!

Human Interest and Discrimination (weird mixture, right?)

Dude. This couple at a bar was so drunkenly intimate that they didn’t even realize their bartender was being robbed [Video]. A Harvard all-male secret society makes a not-so-secret statement about why they exclude women. The Chicago Police Department (still) largely suuuuuucks. This North Carolina anti-different law deserves coverage, so there it is. Bathrooms aren’t even the beginning of it.

So Much Sports

NBA Playoffs started, but allow us to reflect on the regular season: Sam Hinkie-Sixers optimism, Kobe threw away Nick Young’s shoes, and Jimmy Butler. MLB is back. The NFL signed with Twitter. Discovered a wonderful NFL column at NFL Draft on the way. Results-based payments for NCAA coaches is food for thought.

Big shouts to Mark Maske, Craig, Peter King, and Tyrann Mathieu ← FAVORITE READ OF THE WEEK.

Going to start including a screenshot of my News Binge notes. Why include this? Well, just in case you’re interested in my initial opinions on the articles. These opinions are brief and may have changed by now. …

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