From Employee to Advocate: Dominic Barber Opens New Pages for Disability Community through NTI@Home

Aug 15 · 3 min read

For Dominic Barber, it was a long road back into the workforce after his accident. Barber tried for 11 years to gain employment before he discovered NTI@Home and that was his ticket back to work.

“Dominic is a tremendous asset to NTI@Home,” said Alan Hubbard, NTI’s Chief Operating Officer. “He is a tireless worker who does what he needs to do to get the job done. I love the fact that he is unafraid to challenge the norms to help us discover new and better ways to train and place Americans with Disabilities in jobs.”

COO of NTI, Alan Hubbard (left) with NTI Recruiting Manager, Dominic Barber (center), and NTI’s Director of Marketing, Michael Sanders.

Along with Derrick Stewart Poole of the Rollin’ Celtics of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, Barber served as a model during an NTI@Home photo shoot for August edition of New Mobility magazine at Mass. Premier Courts in Foxboro, Ma. Pedro Blanco of Pedro Blanco Photography, out of Barnstable, Mass., took the back cover shot, while Three Horsemen from New Bedford, Mass. put together a video of the photo shoot.

Behind the scenes photoshoot of “Take a Shot with NTI” featuring Derrick “The Enforcer” Poole, Dominic Barber, and Pedro Blanco of Pedro Blanco Photography. © 2019 Threehorsemen

The advertisement is a photo of them playing wheelchair basketball and is part of the “Take a Shot with NTI” campaign, which calls attention to the job opportunities available for Americans with disabilities. NTI@Home also offers a free online job training program and job counseling until 90 days after you are hired.

Dominic Barber, NTI Recruiting Supervisor poses for Pedro Blanco of Pedro Blanco Photography for New Mobility Magazine.

“Dominic did an awesome job up there and hopefully he doesn’t transition away and become a professional male model,” said NTI@Home marketing director Mike Sanders. “Maybe he could do that on the side, but we still need him at NTI@Home. I am very happy we got these two class acts (Barber and Poole) here helping us with this. I couldn’t think of anyone better to represent this company.”

Barber has made the most of his opportunity, being hired to work on a top government project in an entry-level position then becoming a supervisor for recruiting services and the contact center services department.

Staff of NTI at the NTI managers meeting 2019.

“It had been 11 years since I started working,” said Barber, a Gainesville, Florida native. “I was looking for full-time employment and NTI@Home was the place that gave me the opportunity.”

Being unemployed for so long has given him the experience of how difficult it can be for Americans with disabilities to find jobs. Now, he uses that knowledge to help others gain employment through NTI@Home’s services.

“I found out about NTI@Home from doing a web search,” said Barber, who has been with the company for four years. “I actually got a call from Leah Terrasi (NTI@Home’s Director of Program Management and former Recruiting Director) and she told me about a government project. I was interested in it and I applied. I’ve been here ever since. “

He hopes his story encourages others to pursue job opportunities with NTI@Home.

“I hope it will help people let go of their fears and take a shot with NTI,” said Barber.

The final shot of Barber can be seen in the August issue of New Mobility magazine. If you would like to take a shot with NTI@Home as Dominic did to find work-at-home employment, please visit NTI@Home at NewMobility.

Dominic Barber of NTI poses for New Mobility Magazine’s “Take a Shot with NTI.” © 2019 Pedro Blanco Photography

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NTI@Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps individuals with disabilities find at home work. We provide free mentoring, training, and placement services.

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