I’m Joining Runa Capital

After two+ great years helping build Coinbase into the most trusted Bitcoin brand in the world, I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Runa Capital as a Principal in San Francisco, where I’ll be focused on making early-stage investments (typically Series A).

When I joined Coinbase over 2 years ago, there were less than 300K users on the platform and most people thought that bitcoin was an anonymous digital currency used by criminals for buying drugs and guns. Since then, the platform has grown to over 3M users and we did a lot to help change the perception of bitcoin by partnering with financial institutions like USAA and Fidelity and large companies like Overstock, Expedia, and Dell. Today, I’m more confident than ever that the Bitcoin blockchain is one of the most important innovations of our lifetime and the future is bright.

As passionate as I am about Bitcoin, I am most passionate about helping entrepreneurs build companies in the early stages of growth, which naturally led me to Runa. Runa was founded in 2010, currently manages over $270M and attracted me for two main reasons: the partnership is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs (Serguei, Dmitry, Andre, Peter, and Ilya) that think and work more like founders than investors, and the firm has a truly global perspective, with partners in four different countries (U.S., U.K., Singapore, and Russia).

Runa has yet to make a bitcoin/blockchain investment and that is something that I hope will change in the coming months. We’ll be making investments around the world (with a focus on Eastern Europe, U.S., and Russia) and I’m eager to work with the entrepreneurs that are building the infrastructure and applications that make the Internet more secure, private, and global and empower people to control their own data. If you’re working on something in the blockchain space, don’t hesitate to reach out (especially if you’re working on micropayments use cases with the 21 bitcoin computer, dapps with Ethereum, or using the Blockstack identity protocol!).

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