Self love is single handedly the most important and the most difficult level of love we can attain. Something so vital to our well-being is the one thing that seems so out of reach for so many. So important yet so fleeting; why does authentic and honest self-love always feel just out of our grasp?

We can learn to love the partner that betrayed our trust, that lied and cheated over and over again to the point where we even take them back. We love the parents that belittled and abused us. We love the friends that at one point…

*insert Mean Girl’s reference here*

Getting the help you need is a whole other type of joyride. Understanding and breaking generational curses, resolving childhood trauma, learning how to deal with stressors and becoming more emotionally aware? Sign me up!

I first went to therapy, of some sorts, in my last year of university. My first relationship had come to an end, I was facing an unprecedented amount of stress with it being my final year and I had developed symptoms of an anxiety disorder that really threw me. In summary, it was the first time I felt like I was not in control of my…

Email boxes lit up on the morning of Sunday 8th March as companies sent out their well-timed and ill-thought out communications in the spirit of International Women’s Day 2020.

What should have been a day of celebration, inclusivity and transparency on a myriad of topics regarding women, turned into a performative display of equality, feminism and a surface-level understanding of gender politics. As companies wheeled out their female staff to project the image of a balanced and well-rounded work environment for all, the glaring holes in their #IWD2020 messaging and communications were indicative of a larger problem at hand.

Nt O

Digital Strategist, Writer, Professional Trouble-maker

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