How Blockchain Will Help Creating The Most Complex Education Platform Ever
Mar 7, 2018 · 4 min read

When thinking about the future of our platform, balancing immediate priorities and the long-term vision is an issue that’s often on our minds. In our alpha version, NTOK-X ecosystem will focus on language courses. Our short-term goal is to advance the technical details of the project, including the ranking system. However, in the long-term, our sights are set on turning NTOK-X into the most sophisticated and versatile blockchain-powered education platform worldwide.

With the rise of online education, flexible courses, remote tutoring and peer-to-peer alternatives to centralized solutions,NTOK-X has many opportunities to grow. Moreover, in this heavily digital environment, issues such as payment security and verifiable reviews and certificates gain critical importance. Having resolved these common pitfalls with blockchain, we can focus on scaling our solutions to offer trusted, peer-to-peer tutoring solutions to learners worldwide. Here are some particularly exciting opportunities awaiting NTOK-X.

1. Building on our expertise with providing high-quality language courses and tutoring, we’ll expand our offering to cover AI, coding and blockchain courses. Our goal is to assist professionals at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. As we’re entering this new major industrial era, building on the digital revolution, ongoing high-quality education will be crucial for professionals in highly sought-after fields.

Following the demand, we’ll be able to offer cutting-edge education in fast-paced areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, The Internet of Things, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles.

2. As a diverse, international team, we can relate to our users in different parts of the world and have an opportunity to maximize platform adoption by offering custom solutions that are appropriate for local markets. “As an example, private tutoring in China is primarily driven by the increasing desire among students to gain admission into prestigious universities,” says Alex Filatov, NTOK-X Advisor and IoD Charted Director. “In the United States, one of the key markets, major factors influencing decisions to seek tutoring services include the need to offer assistance to children for enabling them to keep pace with classroom teaching activities, the pressure on students to improve overall grades, and enhance knowledge and skill levels.”

Offering tailored exam preparation for local certifications, such as the United State Exam in Russia, or the EXAM NAME in China, NTOK-X can match a learner from any part of the world with a native speaker on the ground. Access to a verified tutor who has a deep understanding of the exam formats will put students at a unique advantage and help them succeed. We’re also planning to raise awareness locally by organizing various education competitions on the platform, including rewards such as bonus points and special diplomas and certificates.

3. Language and technology courses are just the beginning. There are no limits to what can be taught onNTOK-X. Tutor can make a living sharing their passions in any area that’ generating interest — from e-sports through soft skills to practical skills such as crafts. As of today, no platform of this kind exists.

“In our opinion, this market is now at the same stage as markets for taxi and travel accommodation services were before the appearance of aggregators, such as UBER, Gett, AIRBNB,” says Alex Filatov. “The arrival of services that revolutionize the online tutoring market is not far off, creating a generally accepted entry point for a student when looking for a tutor, connecting them directly, giving an easy and convenient interaction interface and sharply reducing the intermediary margins.”

Bolstered with blockchain innovations and offering unprecedented flexibility, ease of use and security, NTOK-X is perfectly positioned to seize the opportunity to lead the market in peer-to-peer niche skills tutoring.

Ultimately, the goal of is to not only to grow the existing platform globally, but also to introduce a unique, innovative approach. NTOK offers a new decentralised and transparent ecosystem of getting and sharing knowledge, aligned to continuing education. In a nutshell, on the expanded NTOK-X ecosystem, anyone anywhere in the world can share their knowledge with learners online — providing their skills are in demand!

A crowd sale of NTOK tokens will start on March 16th 2018. “The goal of the token sale is to collect the equivalent of $15 million, which, as we stated in our White Paper, will be used to finalize the NTOK product development and promote the product in its target markets,” explains Anton Mishin, NTOK-X CEO. NTOK has already secured approvimately $3 in crypto fiat amounts as a result of a presale. You can register for the crowd sale in advance and receive bonus tokens varying from 10 to 50%.

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