Are all rich people snobs?

Most people who watch tv know who Mongomery Burns from The Simpsons is and they know that he is a wicked rich guy who always gets what he wants. While watching an episode of The Simpsons called The Last Traction Hero, I noticed even more stereotypes than usual portraying the rich Mr Burns as an evil person. Even though Burns is a fictional character with an evil heart, viewers who watch this show get the impression that all rich people are selfish, greedy, and mean. In real life there are plenty of rich people who are selfish and greedy but there are also many who are kind and generous. People who watch the Simpsons need to undertand that Montgomery Burns does not represent the entire upper class.

Mr Burns portrays almost all of the upper class stereotypes that you can think of. He is greedy and selfish, he has a giant mansion, he has a personal assistant who does what ever Burns wants, and he always gets his way. When most people think of the upper class, they think of someone like Burns. This is somewhat of an issue because many upper class people are not like Burns and they do not fit those stereotypes. People judge the upper class based on characters like Mr Burns and other characters and people on TV.

The media influences the way people see the upper class. Most upper class characters on TV are not portrayed as very good people. The show Empire is another good example of upper class characters doing bad things. The TV networks act as a gatekeeper by showing shows that portray the rich as bad people nad not showing many shows that portray the really rich as kind generous people like many actually are. This has an impact on society because it further separates the classes. It also makes it harder for people to relate to others in different classes. When people in a lower class see a rich selfish jerk on tv they can’t relate to them at all. It’s already hard to relate because they are in different classes and the fact that their personality is mean and selfish makes it even harder for the viewer to relate to the character. This also translates into real life. When people of a lower class encounter someone in the upperclass they tend to judge them as mean and selfish or stuck up without even getting to know them. This makes it harder for people to get along and it keeps stereotypes alive.

If there were more shows on about nice rich people who contribute to scoiety in a positive way then some of the spoiled rich stereotypes might go away. With viewers exposed to better behaved rich people on tv it will help them relate to people in other classes in real life.