Getting Out Of The Newsroom For Your Community
Martika Ornella

You have really great questions, Martika Ornella!

  1. Journalism usually don't serve my community well. My community members say that the media portrait themselves as criminals and statistics, and I agree with them. We don't see good news about favelas often in the media in Brazil, people from favelas have been ignored from the traditional media for a long time. They don't have the space and the voice they deserve, and because of that, I believe I can serve my community teaching them how to tell their own on the social media.
  2. Journalism has failed to report about my community so many times. Usually reporters are not used to favelas, they go there just to tell a story and they can't understand real stories in the community, because they are from outside and they have a lot of prejudice. People from my community complain that the media criminalizes them. However, there is very interesting initiatives, such as this one from The Guardian, which invited people from favelas to report about their issues and perceptions previous to the Olympics.
  3. I'm not planning to serve a virtual community. I'm serving my community physically with workshops on media skills. The idea is to help people from favelas to tell their own stories using the tools they already have: internet, smartphones and social media outlets.
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