Nuage — Domain names with no hassle

Hey, what’s happening in here?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a tussle between the hosting and domain name giants, over services and prices, each one offering more and costing less. On one hand, it has democratized website creation throughout the last few years. Something that hasn’t really evolved however is the user experience.

The big problem here, it’s the experience.

You’ve all received the classic email saying “This is our new v17 panel”, boasting the benefits of the new interface. Once connected, everyone always says the same thing: “damn where’s the last version gone”.
Between the fiber-optic photo background and the 14 buttons needed to validate a purchase, without even mentioning the wild goose chase to find or create an inbox… whether you’re a web pro or not, everyone’s lost.

I’ve lost my domain name and now it’s selling for 3500 dollars.

I’m sure you’ve already lost a domain name at some point. The renewing system that hassles you constantly by email, as if they were important taxes to declare, and that in the end makes you forget that you even had to renew it… You’ve been there, right.

Hello there Nuage.

This is why we created Nuage.
The French way, because yes we’re French and yes we love baguettes.
Nuage is a simple interface that allows you to buy, import and manage your domain names in just a few clicks. 
Our personal record: 28 seconds. Oh yeah.
Goodbye lost domain names; we activate auto-renewal when you buy the domain. If you wish to cancel the renewal, you can do so in 1 click.

“File new project”

We have tried to rethink the experience into 2 steps:
• The buying experience: simplifying the process as much as possible so that you can reserve your domains, in the same time it took us to come up with the name.
• Management: just the basics, intelligently, everything else comes afterwards.

Avoid starting over.

We know how painful it is to transfer all your domain names to a new provider.
That’s why we had the idea to create a bypass between all your providers, thanks to the APIs that they’ve made available.
Seeya long processes, all you need to do is log on and in a few seconds you can manage all your domains in the same interface.


We work directly with registrars, notably Gandi, to give our clients foolproof stability and security.
We know that it’s a right ole job managing a whole infrastructure and that’s why we support established systems so that we can concentrate on what’s important to us, the user experience.

So how do we test this out?

You can subscribe straightaway on our beta version, ! We look forward to your feedback!

See you soon in the cloud,

Benjamin & Arnaud,
Co-founders Nuage

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