One’s Room

If I could give my younger self advice, it would go something like this:

Build up your own creative room, your magical soul pod where no one else can enter. No matter how madly you are in love, your partner is not allowed in here, for this is your prayer. Others are sometimes welcomed to look through the window or stand by the door, but this place is not for anyone else to step in. You decide.

This is your place of nurturance and growth, where your real uniqueness and power are cooked, slowly simmered in your soul.

Be patient, go deep and make a lot of mistakes.

Break rules often and make new ones that only obey love. Play without trying to achieve. Say hello to your fear and talk to it gently.

Produce little bit of art every day: a poem, a cake, a line of writing, a dance that is true. Don’t believe anything that starts with a ‘should’. Love your handwriting, the way you draw, the sound of your singing, the way you groan with pleasure, the way your body looks, moves and feels.

Allow yourself to dance in a rude or clumsy way as well as round and delicate. Greet your sorrow, shame and rage. Look at your tears from the mirror and see how perfect they are. Accept how creation works through you, no matter how clumsy and different from others it looks like.

Be intimate and alone with your art as long as you need to be, even for your whole life. But when it is time, be bold in presenting your creation to the world, not for the sake of impressing anyone, but for love, joy and sharing.

And never, ever think your power is in anyone else’s hands, for this room is yours and only yours to enter.

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