Estimates — Paper = PlanTangible

Client Profile: Barry Jackson, Owner, Plantangible

Interview: October 13, 2014

Sticksnleaves has the opportunity to work with amazing individuals on a daily basis. This is the story of one of those individuals, Barry Jackson, and how he turned his experience and ideas into a viable business model helping contractors survive that ever-present nightmare: estimates.

Growing up in the construction world, from an early age Jackson was familiar with the struggles of a small service company. Estimating was always the most challenging and frustrating part of the work. He found the same thing to be true when he interned at a large design firm during college. Upon graduating, he went to work for a medium sized landscape installation company and discovered the same situation.

Jackson gleaned a comprehensive picture of the estimating process at each company, and started brainstorming ideas to create an estimation system that reduced time spent on proposals and provided the ability to track information. Simultaneously, he wanted to remedy the significant communication problems between contractors and their wholesale nursery suppliers.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jackson’s first attempt at turning his idea into a reality was unsuccessful. A few years ago, he tried to launch a company that would address these problems. It was unsuccessful because of an issue with the overall technology design and specifically a problem with the system concerning the communication between the contractors and the nursery. After this setback, Jackson drew a line in the sand. He decided that when he tried again he would do it without debt, without an investor, and without a board so that he would be more agile in providing what his clients needed. He also wanted to define his product better, cutting it down to be more targeted and efficient.

After meeting with Yaw Aning, Cofounder of Sticksnleaves, he discovered that he could choose a more productive route with regard to the company’s objective — one based on a streamlined focus and flawless execution. Sticksnleaves aligned perfectly with Jackson’s new goals. He decided to become great at the time-consuming task of estimating. The service would be offered to a variety of independent contractors, including painters, landscapers, construction companies, and the like.

Plantangible launched its estimating software in September and currently is one of the best tools on the market to help contractors be more efficient with their time. Plantangible provides a tangible, digital estimating plan for contractors who currently do not have any system in place, or do all the work by hand on paper or spreadsheets. Jackson says one of the most rewarding parts of running his business is communicating to these contractors how this technology makes estimating so much easier.

Jackson is incredibly excited about the direction his company is headed now, with the help of Sticksnleaves. Jackson wrapped up the interview by commenting how, “Sticksnleaves understands how small businesses struggle and operate. They’ve built a team of experts that can share their wisdom. Sticksnleaves helps the whole company — it’s not just about the web applications.”