5 Types Of Emails From Brands That Focus On Customer Experience

You know that giddy feeling you get when you know the brand you’re dealing with cares about you?

#Well that’s what happens when a brand focuses on Customer Experience (CX).

One way of spotting this is in how and when businesses communicate with their customers.

Find below a collection of emails from a few brands that have exhibited a focus on CX:

1. 4-Star Pizza — Order Confirmation

It all started with ordering a typical pizza on a typical Friday evening, but that’s where all things typical ended.

This order confirmation email from 4-Star Pizza not only made me excited about the meal but more importantly had me thinking 4-Star was doing all it could to get my pizza to me in the shortest time possible.

All it took was getting a little more creative with the messaging.

2. TNW Deals — Cart Reminder

Losing items in your cart just because you close the tab should be a thing of the past.

With TNW Deals you get an email showing you what’s left in your cart and a chance to complete your shopping experience with a call-to-action button from inside your mailbox.

3. Airbnb — CX Feedback Request

I recently had to cancel an Airbnb booking and ended up losing about 50% of the refund due to a subtle strict cancellation policy that came with the listing.

After taking to twitter to express my frustration, I got a reply tweet, followed by a DM, an email, and a phone call.

In the end, I got a full refund and felt more than generous to give feedback on my experience as solicited in the email above.

4. Hassle.com — Quality Assurance Check

With customers more willing than ever to share their experiences of a product or service (especially in a marketplace setting), brands can leverage on this to measure quality assurance.

This email from Hassle.com shows they do not only care about getting paid but ensuring the quality of service rendered is top-notch.

5. Travelbay.co — Reward Notification

“I hate rewards” — no one ever said.

Travelbay recently launched a referral campaign where customers who got their friends to sign up earned travel credits.

Aside from serving as a form of notification, an email such as this pushes a customer to invite more friends. It also serves as call-to-action to actually use accrued credits on a holiday.

These are only a good few examples on how brands can introduce a measure of delight into their customer experience.

It is one way of me saying thank you and another way of sharing what I’d deem imitable.