GOP congressman says fewer people with health insurance is a ‘good thing’
Ian Millhiser

you know what’s a good thing? when Rs feel empowered, emboldened, and supported by the enthusiasm 46.2% of trump voters they feel truly liberated to reveal their true repugnant ideas.

“we’ve restored personal liberty in this country.”, says politician living off the public with all his healthcare covered. piss off i say, i’m glad to cede my freedom to live in a tent and use ERs as primary healthcare. i’m ok with being account numbers in various government programs such as my SSI, medicare/medi-cal, and federally subsidized housing.

times have changed and in the last 8 years the tide has turned so that now a majority of americans approve of the ACA which they realize is flawed but now they believe it’s fixable or that any replacement must include the core elements of the ACA.

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