Nucast: The Decentralized Video-Streaming and Ownership Platform Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry
6 min readFeb 18, 2023

Nucast is a decentralized platform that was born out of the vision of a filmmaker “Hariharan” who wanted to launch his movie in a decentralized manner. The vision behind nucast is to revolutionize the film and content creation industry by introducing groundbreaking and novel ways by putting control back in the hands of creators and their audiences.
By harnessing the power of cutting-edge blockchain technology, nucast aims to provide filmmakers and content creators with new and exciting opportunities to monetize their creations in a way that is both seamless and permissionless. For the first time, consumers can acquire ownership of the video-content they wish to enjoy by purchasing non fungible tokens (NFTs) that act as proof-of-ownership.

The problem:

The entertainment industry is rapidly shifting towards digital distribution, allowing people to purchase or rent movies closer to, or simultaneously with, their release in theaters. However, the question remains: do you really own the digital media files you purchase from platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Vudu? The answer is no, you don’t actually own the digital media files; instead, you purchase a license to watch or listen to that content. The lack of true ownership of digital media files is a significant issue for users.

In the event of a company going out of business or a media company pulling its content from a platform, users may lose access to their purchased content. They are unable to transfer or sell their digital media files as they would with physical assets, diminishing the value of their investment.

Also, the reliance on a few dominant streaming platforms has resulted in a homogenized content landscape, stifling the creativity of content creators. These platforms often dictate the type of content that can be created, limiting the diversity of expression.

Traditional Web2 streaming solutions prioritize an intermediary-based model, leading to a curated content experience for users that is often influenced by algorithms and advertisements. Nucast offers a decentralized alternative that empowers content creators and their audiences to shape the content landscape. By removing intermediaries, nucast provides a more transparent and equitable system that allows content to be monetized in new and innovative ways.

This raises the question of who truly controls the content you purchased.


Nucast, a decentralized video-streaming and digital ownership platform, is changing the game with its use of blockchain technology. Nucast introduces NFT-powered, permissionless content monetization with secondary market capability. On nucast, creators have control over their content via NFTs, which consumers can buy, watch, and resell. This gives consumers the option to own the content they pay for and have the ability to resell it anytime, just like owning a physical asset (a DVD), but on the blockchain.

Nucast eliminates intermediaries and allows users greater control and ownership over their content. Unlike traditional Web2 streaming solutions, nucast provides a new era that returns authority and control to creators, builders, and most importantly, consumers. Nucast allows users to acquire ownership of the video content they watch by purchasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Cardano that act as proof-of-ownership.

How it works?

Nucast maintains a video streaming pipeline that utilizes decentralized storage to provide end users with ownership of their content. The process begins with the upload of video content to nucast servers, which is then encrypted and uploaded onto Sia and IPFS on behalf of the content creator. To ensure a great user experience and smooth streaming, we are leveraging Sia. It is a decentralized storage network that uses blockchain technology to provide secure and redundant storage.


To ensure data integrity, Sia uses Reed-Solomon erasure coding with a 10 out of 30 algorithm that divides the uploaded objects into 30 pieces and distributes them globally among Sia host servers. This allows for native redundancy and high availability, as only 10 of the 30 pieces are required to process a request.

Once the content is uploaded, users can easily browse and watch the available content on the platform. When a user selects a particular piece of content, nucast verifies the ownership of the NFT by asking the user to provide a signature from their wallet.

Once the ownership is verified, the nucast server retrieves and assembles the content from the decentralized Sia blockchain, ensuring that the content is retrieved from multiple sources and providing high data integrity and availability. Once the content is retrieved, it is then cached to reduce latency.

When a user wishes to view the video, the decryption and delivery process takes place. Edge caching helps to efficiently handle requests as the user navigates through the video timeline, resulting in smoother and faster loading.

Furthermore, a layer of CDN is added in the process.

The content delivery network (CDN) acts as a layer between the user and the video content, ensuring that the video is delivered from the closest available server to the user’s location.

The platform is designed to ensure data integrity and high availability by utilizing a CDN and edge caching, which improve video delivery and user experience by reducing latency and ensuring fast and smooth streaming, which is critical for mass adoption and is par with a web2 streaming service.

Proof of Ownership:

The concept of "proof of ownership" is a crucial aspect of nucast. To ensure that the content is secure and only accessible by the rightful owners, we have implemented a multilayer approach that leverages the power of Cardano, IPFS and Sia.

First, the content file is encrypted and sharded into chunks with a private key. These sharded files are then stored on IPFS & Sia, ensuring that the content is securely stored and easily accessible. Both IPFS and Sia provide us with identifiers of the sharded files.

The content identifiers and the private key, are stored in a separate file, which is then encrypted using a “Project key”. This final file is then uploaded to IPFS, and the CID is used as proof of ownership in the metadata of the NFT. In this way, nucast ensures that the content is secure, and only accessible by the rightful owners,
providing a level of privacy and security that is unmatched in the traditional centralized video streaming platforms.

In short, nucast’s video streaming pipeline leverages decentralized technology and blockchain to provide a secure, redundant, and high-quality viewing experience for users.

Our team is currently exploring new features to enhance the platform, such as live streaming and on-chain voting. Additionally, we plan to develop the Nucast SDK as part of our future roadmap.


Nucast is on a mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry by providing a new era of control and ownership for both creators and consumers. The platform eliminates intermediaries and allows for NFT-powered, permissionless content monetization and ownership with secondary market capability, along with a great user experience.

Embrace the future of digital ownership with nucast.



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