The Constitution

The Perfection in our Constitution’s Imperfection

The system of AMERICAN constitution and branches of government allows for corrections to injustices and that is its beauty.

Do not tear it down, if you do there will be no system to correct injustices and you will create a world where injustice is the norm. If we tear it down then we will be like the rest of the world where injustice is the norm.

A democratic republic with a constitution like ours and a bill of rights like ours and a Declaration of Independence like ours left room to create justice from injustice.

Our balance of powers with the executive, judicial and legislative all have different powers that in the long run balance out to create a system that will help create justice where there may be an injustice.

The beauty of founders for all their flaws was that they knew they were flawed that they provided the template to create a system that allows people the freedom of choice, the freedom of individuality the freedom of rights. It was understood that the government did not know everything and that the government was not always right but that the government was flawed because people are flawed. At the same time those people will work to find the right solutions over time and over and over again to help create a system that protects our individual freedoms and protects our individual rights but provides a government that can fill in the blanks on services like the military and the police and the fire department and local government. These essential services continue to protect the people from individuals and groups who are bad actors that attempt to rob us of our rights.

See in America we want a system that helps us to help ourselves not that’s helps us to become dependent.

We want a system that creates equal opportunities not equal outcomes. We want a system that incentivize people who have more to help people that have less.
That is why the United States has the biggest set of independent charities in the world which, is why 27 of the top 40 foundations in the world are from the USA. That is why 39 out of 40 charities are from free democratic based countries.

America is far from perfect but is perfect in its imperfections. Do not undermine the country with talk of redistribution, insane taxation, government mandates, and labeling of its citizens as a bad or good based on groupthink but judge people by their individuality, how they strive for success, help others, stand up for right or wrong without judging others before they judge thyself, and welcome individual thought, ideas and freedom that allows us the ability to succeed and fail without intervention. A system that continue to allow our neighbors, businesses, citizens, communities and families the ability to lend a helping hand because they believe in the individual.

The government serves to legislate only as needed and have to serve the citizens but not because they want to control or dictate what the citizens do. The individual citizen in America must be allowed to determine their success as they see fit and the government should only step in to help the ones who cannot help themselves because all private options have been exhausted. The government should step to help the truly needy and disable by providing for their living needs and incentivizing them to do better once they have received that support.