That’s a completely fair criticsm.
Benjamin Sledge

People are confussed about Christians. Non christian people the are good to other’s do it for self. Christians do it for the lord. Every good act that Christians do we do it for HIM. Not because we don’t want to help, but because we are thankful for the desire that came from him,to help. Non christians are not thankful for the desire. They do it for self. Thats not a bad thing. But the desire to help came from the lord like it or not.

Not every one has the all the gifts. Beleaving in God does not give us any more gifts (Like Spelling) than any one else just a diffrent perspective and diffrent desire than those that don’t beleave. I am a Christian. I am ADHD. But I see the good that I have recieved from him and I am thankful. I also see the gifts and favor I have recieved, and for this I am thankful to HIM not to myself. Its not difficult to do.

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