“The Post Stays Up” (except when it criticizes another company our founder has helped create)

3 min readAug 30, 2016


Earlier today, Medium issued a takedown on an article that highlighted some quotes from the so-called CONLeaks which implicates former members of Feminist Frequency as well founding & active members of Crash Override Network. This is what they wrote:

You may be happy to hear that the article was reinstated on Allthink, but what I’d like to focus on instead is the fact that Medium themselves stepped in to remove an article casting doubt on Twitter’s Trusted Partners for Offensive Speech

As well as their Twitter Trust And Safety Counsel

This is interesting because Medium’s founder Ev Williams is also Twitter’s former CEO, co-founder and board member as well as being an investor with a 30–35 percent stake in it.

Just earlier this year Medium had stated boldly that “The Posts Stays Up” in response to Malaysia blocking their service country-wide for failing to take down a post.

They had received a takedown notice from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission several months prior for a post on their platform. Their answer back then was that they were “in no position to evaluate the truth of the Medium post”.

Add to that the fact that there are over 2000 articles hosted on their service discussing (and quoting) the DNC-Leak, the Panama-Leak as well as Wikileaks in general.

One has to wonder.

Update 1

Ian Miles Cheong who is one of the people involved in the leak when asked directly has publicly consented to having the logs be leaked.

He has already confirmed the validity of the leak and even written about it from a first person perspective.




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