5 tips for enhancing your daily focus at work.

Do you have a pandemic brain? Experts describe it as the cognitive impairment we are experiencing due to the significant stress of the pandemic. Common symptoms include forgetfulness and a lack of focus.

74% of millennials and Gen Z workers describe themselves as distracted at work. …

Innovation, Organisational culture

How inclusive leadership can stimulate genuine trust in teams

Innovation is widely regarded as a critical factor for sustainable growth and performance. This is especially true in today’s competitive environment marked by shorter product life cycles, light-speed changes in technology and rapid increase in globalisation.

As work goes remote for teams around the world, there is an absence of…

Feeling disconnected from work sometimes? You are not alone

Immerse yourself…

Imagine yourself on the first day at a new job. You are standing in a corner of your work lobby, waiting to be shown to your desk and introduced to new teammates. Anxiously your heart races, faster than normal as you get familiar with your new environment. Excitedly walking to…

Nuel Edeh

Co-Founder @Neat_run. I am passionate about leadership and technology innovation. I envision a future where our work is deeply meaningful and rewarding

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